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Home Automation Services

Home Automation Services

Experience Convenience and Control with Advanced Home Automation

Hunter Security brings the future of home living to your doorstep with cutting-edge home automation services. Our comprehensive solutions are designed for convenience, control and enhanced security, transforming your house into a smart home.

Transforming Your Home with Smart Technology


Smart Door Access:

Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry with our smart door solutions. Our technicians will seamlessly set up your system for easy access for you and your family.


Remote Thermostat Control:

Adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere using our smart thermostat. Control your home’s climate conveniently through your smartphone, ensuring comfort at all times.


Comprehensive Home Management App:

Manage your entire home security and automation systems with a simple tap on your phone. Stay connected and in control, whether you’re in your office or away.


Automated Garage Doors:

Open or close your garage door remotely with our integrated app, combining convenience with security.


Advanced Security Panels:

Our experts ensure your home’s safety by checking and managing advanced security panels, keeping your security system at its best.


Smart Doorbells with Motion Detection:

With our smart doorbell, you’ll never miss a visitor. It alerts you on your mobile device, allowing you to see and communicate with visitors, offering both security and convenience.


Automated Locking Systems:

Secure your home remotely using our automated locking systems. Control your locks with just a click, whether you’re in bed or away.


Smart Lighting for Enhanced Security:

Automate your home lighting to simulate occupancy, deterring potential intruders and giving you peace of mind.


Full Property Surveillance:

Our systems provide complete coverage of your property, ensuring you’re alerted about any activity, enhancing your home’s security.

Are you worried about compatibility with your current security setup?
At Hunter Security, there’s no need for concern. If your home already has a security system installed, we specialize in seamlessly integrating our advanced home automation services with it. Our team of experts will ensure that your existing system is not only compatible but also enhanced with our state-of-the-art technology. This integration guarantees a smooth transition to a smarter, more secure home without the hassle of replacing your current system.

Seamless Integration for a Connected Home

Voice Control Integration:
Control your home environment with simple voice commands by integrating your home automation system with popular voice assistants.

• Energy Management:
Save on utility bills with our smart energy solutions. Monitor and control your home’s energy consumption for comfort and efficiency.

Customized Scenes and Schedules:
Personalize your home automation with customizable scenes and schedules. Automate your lights, thermostat and security system based on your lifestyle.

Advanced Features for an Enhanced Lifestyle

• Doorbell Systems and Thermostats:
Manage your home while away.

Water Leak Detection:
Protect your home from water damage with our intelligent leak detection systems, providing instant alerts for quick action.

Indoor and Outdoor Camera Systems:
Enhance your home security with our comprehensive range of camera systems for complete surveillance.

Personalized Security for Every Need


Geo-Fencing Technology:

Automate your home’s security and comfort settings based on your smartphone’s location.


Smart Smoke and CO Detectors:

Integrate advanced smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with your home automation system for comprehensive safety.

Access Control for Guests and Services:

Grant temporary access to guests or service personnel with time-limited codes or remote access control.

Ready to Upgrade to a Smart Home?
Embrace the future of home living with Hunter Security’s home automation solutions. Tailored to fit your lifestyle, our services bring a new level of convenience and security to your daily life. Contact us to explore the possibilities of smart home living.

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